Welcome everyone back to the advice column of Thien Moc An Wine, in the previous part we discussed the issue of how much wine should we drink per day, today we will continue to answer the question. How many degrees of white wine should we have and discuss together how much wine each of us should drink so as not to affect our health and digestive system?

The issue of how many degrees of white wine depends on how many liters of wine the cook takes when distilling. In principle, when we distill alcohol, the less alcohol we take, the higher the alcohol concentration, and conversely, the more alcohol we take, the concentration will gradually decrease. So pure white wine is usually taken at a level of 35 – 45 degrees. When distilling white wine, which we take at about 35 degrees, it is often used immediately after a period of grounding. If people take white wine at a level of 40 – 45 degrees, people often use it to soak products and animals.

How much alcohol should you drink to be good for your health?

Ladies and gentlemen, if we use too much and abuse it, it will have a negative impact on our health, especially alcohol. However, life without a little alcohol is less interesting and meaningful, right? no wine fairies?

The other day, a doctor in the inner region called Thien Moc An Wine and asked to buy 50 – 55 vol wine to treat friends during the holidays. I don’t think there are still many people who like to drink strong alcohol like that. In the past, people used to like to show off to each other that they could burn shrimp and squid with pride.


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