Fake and poor quality wine when consumed will be harmful to your health

What is fake wine?

Counterfeit wine is produced by owners in many ways, such as: taking low-value wine and mixing fake colors and flavors into branded products, or mixing colors with water, flavors and methanol and labeling them as branded products for sale. at high prices.

Poisoning when drinking fake wine

Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person drinks too much ethanol in a short period of time or drinks poor quality alcohol containing the toxic substance methanol (industrial alcohol). At this time, if the liver does not have time to eliminate waste, liver cells will be damaged, parts of the brain will stop working, with dangerous complications such as suffocation, seizures, hypothermia, irregular heartbeat, and even death. dead.

Distinguishing real wine from fake wine

Real wine: When turning the wine bottle upside down, the air bubbles of real wine will be very smooth and even, move slowly and spread out, then float to the top. Drinking wine will make you feel warm, smooth, and comfortable; has a strong and sweet taste that lingers in the throat. When you drink real wine, you will get drunk slowly and don’t get headaches or thirst.

Fake wine mixed with alcohol: Large air bubbles, moving quickly vertically, wine bottles often have sediment at the bottom. When you drink fake wine, it has a bitter taste. The more you drink, the thirstier you become, making you feel tired and have headaches.

In addition, consumers can distinguish the outer packaging when purchasing: it is necessary to pay attention that the product must have its original packaging, labels, and seals intact; The packaging clearly states the date of manufacture and expiration date; name, address of production facility, person responsible, quality ingredients… absolutely do not buy unlabelled wine, wine in plastic bags…

Or evaluate the quality of wine by senses such as through color, smell, taste… Each type of wine has its own unique color and flavor characteristics that users need to pay attention to distinguish to see if there is anything unusual. Are not.

Drink quality wine to ensure your health safety

Understand the need to use quality, standard alcoholic beverages with clear origin. THIEN MOC AN traditional rice wine production facility has invested in advanced, modern, closed clean wine production technology, a multi-stage distillation tower system that filters and maximally separates all impurities to create pure wine products. purest for consumers. THIEN MOC AN WINE is of high quality, safe, qualified, and in accordance with Vietnamese Standards on alcoholic beverages issued by the Ministry of Health.

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